Our story

GlobalFingerprints is the child sponsorship ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

We equip the church to be transformational in the lives of vulnerable children, opening doors to strengthen, revitalize and plant churches. We accomplish this through partnerships with individuals and US churches as well as national churches and church planters overseas.

GlobalFingerprints was established in 2006 to help churches serve orphans of the AIDS epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since then, we have expanded to serve children in twelve countries around the world. Through your sponsorship, GlobalFingerprints expands the impact of congregations and connects them to God's global work.

How it works

Sponsorship happens through the ministry of a local church. When a child is sponsored, trained care workers from the local church regularly assess their spiritual, nutritional, medical and educational needs. They also conduct regular visits to the child's home and family. 

Sponsorship funds supplement the family's resources and help provide physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support for the child. Care workers also provide opportunities for tutoring, cultural activities, games, holiday events and other experiences that build relationships and sense of belonging. Together, all of this puts children on a path to escape the cycle of poverty. 

When you sponsor a child, you help provide the opportunity to meet a person's greatest need—a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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