Children and Parents Registering for Health Checks
Children and Parents Registering for Health Checks

Health is foundational to flourishing. Our ministry equips vulnerable children to become educated, self-sufficient adults active in their communities. One of the first steps toward this goal is ensuring each child is healthy and well-fed. After all, it’s tremendously difficult to study when hungry, work while sick, and serve others when in need of service yourself. 

In partnership with Spring Church, we recently offered annual checkups to over 200 children in Panama. Each student went through six stations:

Station 1: Registration

Our care workers served five different clinics, greeting the families and streamlining the process. High schoolers from the the local high school acted as translators, which gave them an opportunity to share the gospel with the kids’ families. 

Girl kneeling next to small child standing on scale
Checking weights to ensure healthy growth!

Station 2: Vitals and Measurements

Next, the team measured and weighed the children before taking their blood pressure and other vitals. 

Man standing with Eye chart
Vision testing helps make sure children don't fall behind in school
Sponsored children writing notes to their sponsors

Station 3: Anti-parasite Meds

They say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so we crushed the anti-parasite meds and dissolved them in a little fruit punch for each child. 

Station 4: Medical Evaluations

Because of the new water filters and regular parasite treatment, fewer children experienced stomach problems this year! Overall health has improved over the past six years as well. 

Station 5: Vision Testing

Thanks to their sponsors, children in need of glasses will get the eye care they need. 

Station 6: Sponsor Letters and Crafts

Finally, the children were thrilled to write to their sponsors and make a craft to take home

After one week of checkups, we identified the medical needs requiring follow-up and will provide additional care. To all of our sponsors, here’s a message for you from our Panama team: 

BIG THANKS to each of you who sponsors a child or sponsors our ministry. You are the reason that we can be here in Panama and serve these kiddos. God is moving in the hearts of these families. Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen the local churches and change the lives of people. 

You can sponsor a child in Panama today to provide important medical care, education, and so much more. Text “sponsor” to 22999 or visit our website to get started.