Hear how God guided Joy to use her gifts as a translator for GlobalFingerprints, equipping care workers with the training they need to minister to children in need:

Christian care workers meet regularly with sponsored kids, charting their overall well-being and making sure that their challenging circumstances don't keep them from breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving their God-given potential. My job is to make sure these frontline workers have all the training and documents they rely upon in their first language.

Explaining how God led me to this translation job would take an entire article, but I want you to know why this is the perfect ministry for me. My heart for internationals started young, and I have gone on fifteen mission trips since 6thgrade and attended missions-focused churches since the 70s. Since then, I’ve taken classes in teaching ESL and in several different languages, with a knack for pronunciation and quick learning. I know Spanish as well as French and have taught both languages and ESL since 1996 across five countries. In 2004, I went on the Congo trip that helped start GlobalFingerprints, so I’ve been here since the beginning! Finally, as a mother myself, I love children and am all too familiar with medical translation and interpretation due to illness. I intend to do this job as long as humanly possible. 

My work involves coordinating both professional and volunteer translators, translating and editing in French, and instructing site coordinators on how to access translations. Additionally, I am working on translating a full care worker training manual into Tagalog, organizing the translation progress in each language, and even creating ESL mini-camps. 

We are incredibly grateful for Joy's ministry with GlobalFingerprints. Thanks to her translation work, care workers, program managers and other GlobalFingerprints staff will have training materials in their language!