As Americans, we tend to ask “What difference is being made?”

This is not an improper or unimportant question! First, we must acknowledge that only God possesses the power to truly know the difference being made in people hearts and souls. But the testimonies those at the Elikya Center give us a glimpse into the difference being made. There have been many blessings but many challenges as well.

  • Sate N., a 2021 Orphan Masonry Graduate: Sate has a great relationship with his local church! He currently works on his village church building, but builds chicken coops as well.
  • Mama Rose D., a 2021 Widow Sewing Graduate: Mama D. has a great connection with her local church! Plus her small sewing business is up and running as well. Moving forward, she would like to build a hut or kiosk for all her sewing needs.
  • Michel M., a 2017 Orphan Sewing Graduate: Has a great relationship with his local church, and his sewing business is booming!
Three African women make soap at the Elikya Center.
  • Mbiayaka C., a 2022 Orphan Graduate – He only operates his sewing business in the afternoon, as he spends his mornings going to school and getting an education!
  • Merlo L., a 2021 Sewing Graduate: He has a great bond with his local church! He and a fellow Elikya Graduate recently became partners in a sewing business.
  • Micheline D., a 2021 Sewing Graduate: She has a great connection with her local church! She thanks God that she’s now married to a former Elikya Mechanic Class Graduate. Despite her sewing machine breaking down several times, she has repaired it and continued sewing!
  • Ruth N., a 2019 (widow) Soap-making Graduate: Ruth is very involved with her village church, and recently became president of their widows support group. She’s been able to buy goats and chickens from her soap profits.
  • Eyenga W., a 2012 Masonry Graduate – He has good involvement with his local church! He has developed a self-sustaining masonry business since his graduation from Elikya. Even though some of his supplies & equipment have worn out, he has made more than enough profits to replace them.

We invite you to join us in praying for these past graduates; that they continue to walk faithfully in Christ’s love and grace, and that their small business endeavors continue to provide for their everyday needs.