FAQ: Sponsored Children

What qualifies a child for the GlobalFingerprints program?

A child qualifies for GlobalFingerprints sponsorship when they have an area of risk and vulnerability in their life. Those vulnerabilities vary from country to country. For example, the child might be at risk or vulnerable to malnourishment, lack of education or unsafe living conditions. The needs of potential children are assessed first. Those with the greatest needs are accepted into the GlobalFingerprints sponsorship program and a sponsor for them is sought. We also make an effort to include many children from a variety of religious backgrounds so they can learn about Jesus Christ and the hope found in the gospel.

How does the sponsored child benefit from my monthly donation?

Based on the needs of an individual child, sponsorship can address five key areas: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Examples of the needs could include: 

  • Education (tuition, uniforms, shoes, books and supplies) 
  • Healthcare (preventative education, vaccines, clean water, diagnosis/treatment by doctors) 
  • Nutrition education and supplementation 
  • Social development (healthy relationships, biblical worldview, character, boundaries) 
  • Spiritual teaching, nurture and an invitation to participate in a local church when one is available


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